I like Wednesday’s in Sane Elijo Hills, school gets out at 210 pm, the only early day let out of the  week. Being a real estate agent, I always am trying to  maximize my time, so on early dismissal days I like to ride the bike to pick up the kids: it saves me like 20 minutes so I don’t have to wait in the pick up line or arrive early enough to  school to get a decent spot, by like 145-150. 

    Normally I take my sons skate board but today I decided to take his bike along for the ride so he could ride it to our property in San Elijo Hills, in the Calistoga neighborhood.  I did well maneging both bikes, then decided to get off and ride my sons bike up the trail and come back for my bike.  I said wow this thing is pretty Fast…..WHOOPS !!! Then breaks the chain… CABOOM! Down goes the San Elijo Hills Real Estate daddy to the rescue.