Here are some shots I took while flying my drone around the Crestview  and nearby neighborhood in San Elijo Hills. Crestview is next to other San Elijo Hills Homes, like Azure, Saverne, Woodley’s Glen,Waterford, Cambria, and Mariners Landing. These homes all sort of connect to this trail which many families use to walk kids to school to both San Elijo Hills Elementary and San Elijo Hills Middle School. If you want more specific info about the Crestview neighborhood, just click here to visit my page for Crestview Homes For Sale San Elijo Hills.

View of the Genoa Trail looking west. Crestview is on the right side of the trail and Azure is to the left.

The homes behind Crestiew from the perspective below start with Palisades, Terraza West, Belmont ( straight ahead),  and up on the top of the hill, is Atherton. Just past Atherton, at the very very tippy top, are new homes under construction called THE SUMMIT. The Summit are San Elijo Hills Luxury Homes with huge ocean views.

Aerial Real Estate Photography of Crestview San Elijo Hills Homes