Today I toured Davidson New Homes at The Estates in San Elijo Hills. What a great experience it was to finally make it up and visit these luxury homes located at the very tippy top of  North County San Diego. I’ve lived in San Elijo for almost 12 years now and it’s been a long time to wait for these San Elijo Hills properties to come up for sale. 

Currently the builder is in phase 3 out of  this phases.  Visit my webpage to see my most recent blogposts about The Estates at San Elijo Hills. See  photos of lots avail and sold in various phases. Contact me ahead of time so I can accompany you on your first visit, it is the builders policy that I accompany you in order to get a commission. I’m saying this only because if you can appreciate my website, blog, videos etc, that I have tried to pay it forward so you can have a great online experience, then that’s when I don’t mind asking for your business. Cool?