Stoked! Epoch is now a brand I love, one that screams buy local and live local, ” SAN ELIJO VNE AND TAP”. This simple rebranding has me feeling more myself, in thongs, shorts and a T shirt, casual people, not snooty and sophisticated like Epoch. This is all perception, of course, but like real estate, perception is almost everything, at least an initial impression is. So now, San Elijo Vine and Tap will soon become a new staple for me, a 2 min bike ride away. Just call me Norm. Well not yet, at least. Between Stoked ( my office San Elijo Hills Real Estate office, Pacific Sotheby’s Realty. I’m solo agent not on some lame team), Shane’s Pizza and Pints, I’ve got my IPA selection at every corner now. Anyways I just popped in and took some photos of their menu and the inside to get a feel of the vibe.

Enjoy my friends and stay thirsty !

Please say hi to me if you see me around town. Gracias !