There’s a new Starbucks coming to town in San Elijo Hills! Not sure if this is good or bad news, actually. I wonder how this will effect San Elijo Hills Real Estate values. How bout you?

Well, I’ve lived in SEH for 12 years so it’s a catch 22, because we already have one in the Albertsons San Elijo Hills, so the question is, is how does this affect my homes value and living in San Elijo ??! Well, take this REALTORS perspective on the new Stardaddys coming soon.

First off, my office is Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, so I’m already in a coffee shop, called STOKED; we share the building.

There are many pros and cons of this new building and the new businesses opening soon! Traffic will be much much worse, which may actually be the solution to the traffic problems and safety. It will be almost impossible to make green lights coming in and out of the town center. It’s basically going to be adding a whole school to the community traffic systems. So, instead of just before and after school rushes, there will be a constant flow of people in line at Starbucks San Elijo Hills.

I think this is only going to give property values a boost even more, particularly to condos in Morgan’s Corner, Village Square and Market Walk.

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